Naughty mods

01/24/2012 20:43

If you make it on this list you did somthing bad and you will not be on staff 

 If your name is red its 1st time offence blue is 2nd time offence.



JJ (1st offence )

 2012/01/18 19:58:10 | [COMMAND] <jjdagr8est32(>@world(-60,72,252) : /manuadd keegan designer (mods are not to rank passed novice and they are tell a owner after wards)


(2nd offence) Craw4dduty00587  I have 2 people tell me that Craw4dduty (craw) Ranked a bunch of people for no reson i looked and found this.


2012/01/22 18:27:07 | [COMMAND] <craw4dduty00587(>@world(-2477,69,832) : /manuadd davemcp builder


2012/01/21 15:02:26 | [COMMAND] <craw4dduty00587(>@world(-2475,69,820) : /manuadd flame builder


2012/01/21 15:01:08 | [COMMAND] <craw4dduty00587(>@world(-2470,69,820) : /manuadd

bellzo novice


2012/01/21 15:01:08 | [COMMAND] <craw4dduty00587(>@world(-2470,69,820) : /manuadd 


orlock novice