Hey everybody!

03/18/2012 11:56

Whats new? It's your friendly neighborhood Egrodo here, showing off a wallpaper I made lastnight. (Right click, open in new tab) The orange at the bottom is where the taskbar goes.

Little update

03/13/2012 18:45

Don't worry, this website is still alive! If anybody even goes here anymore. Also, we will update either when the recommended build comes out, or when I get a chance to talk to Daksun about the matter. In the meantime, here is a little destop picture I made! I know its low quality, but Minecraft is hard to get good, high quality pictures in. EDIT:Server is updated

New Skin!

12/19/2011 10:25

Egrodo got a new skin, hopfully a skin I will keep. Who cares you say? I care! 



10/31/2011 10:50

Dakota recently informed me that we are instaling a plugin called Multi-Words. This plugin will let us have multiple worlds on the server where we can have other maps. We are going to use this plugin to have an adventure map on the server, along side with our regular map. Anybody can request an adventure map and possibly play it alongside the staff and your friends! Also, this:


First blog

08/12/2011 03:23

Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.

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