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09/03/2012 19:33
News We have made a new rank called "Donator" it will be for the donators. Dakota and Wayne have fixed a few ranks.    

News update

08/28/2012 14:01
Donations We would like to thank minecraftfanmew (maya) For donating $100.00 This is a big help to the server! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- News     Dakotacrans...

Latest news in CransCraft 5/24/2012

05/24/2012 00:09
The staff of CransCraft has just made a new epic spawn, With stores and a bank and buyable storage plots in the  bank and We also have a new password plugin that makes it so lvl_1 and below have to enter a password to play this will help protect from grifers.. some other things that have...

What do you get if you Donate?

03/30/2012 20:31
$5   = 5000  in game points $20 = 50,000 in game points $30 = 200,000 in game points $40 = 300,000 in game points $50 = 500,000 in game points   What you can get with these ammounts of in game money? 5000 = access to unlimited iron tools 50,000 = commands to any of...

Hey everybody!

03/18/2012 11:56
Whats new? It's your friendly neighborhood Egrodo here, showing off a wallpaper I made lastnight. (Right click, open in new tab) The orange at the bottom is where the taskbar goes.


03/14/2012 23:42
Its back and better than ever!  Day one of updating is done with, tomorrow  I will reinstall all plugins and protect and add all the warps.   All Mods If you Find a Un-protected area Protect it please and tell a owner. (Because of the update bukkit deleted...

Little update

03/13/2012 18:45
Don't worry, this website is still alive! If anybody even goes here anymore. Also, we will update either when the recommended build comes out, or when I get a chance to talk to Daksun about the matter. In the meantime, here is a little destop picture I made! I know its low quality, but Minecraft...

Naughty mods

01/24/2012 20:43
If you make it on this list you did somthing bad and you will not be on staff   If your name is red its 1st time offence blue is 2nd time offence.     JJ (1st offence )  2012/01/18 19:58:10 | [COMMAND] <jjdagr8est32(>@world(-60,72,252) :...

Starting Fresh

01/18/2012 23:46
Thinking about starting fresh on everything!  Making the ranks cleaner, Cleaning up the plugins, Getting a new map, and making things better! I Dakota  think its a good idea to start fresh because its 2012 time to kick out the old and in with the new.


01/05/2012 18:09
From now on griefing 1st offence you get the prefix griefer for a week and you get reset to guest  2nd offence you get banned no excuses!
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